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Scientific Societies

Journal of the Institute of Brewing


Brewingre Search

Official website of Brewing Research International (BRI)


Beer Info

Virtual library of beer and brewing which includes publications, organisations, collectors and educational resources


University Extension

The Institute and Guild of Brewing has chosen UC Davis Extension as the world’s only distance learning instructional provider for preparing to take the General Certificate in Brewing and Packaging Examination.



List of brewery website links, Allied Industries, Societies and Associations, Schools, Publications and other related sites

This is a list of the major periodicals available in the Scottish Brewing Archive Library.


Real Beer

Discover anything about beer, brewpubs, microbreweries, homebrewing, and the beer industry! Three beer of the month clubs, a Rare Beer Store, over 150,000 pages about beer, searchable brewery and pub databases, beer festival and event calendars, and news about beer.


Beer Awards

The Australian International Beer Awards are highly regarded among professional beer brewers around the world. It is also without doubt Australia’s biggest showcase of beer and brewing.


Each year an expert panel of judges (made up of industry representatives) gathers in Melbourne and Ballarat to decide the winners in a variety of classes (the 2001 awards comprised almost 500 entries from 28 countries and 79 breweries.


Skol International

This site is provided free by SKOL INTERNATIONAL. It gives an overall picture on African breweries and beer brands in Africa, beer market along with info on GDP, population growth, beer consumption per head in hectolitres and some economic indicators in all African countries. (1997/8)


Barthhaas Group

The Barth Report has been published almost annually since 1877. Objective reporting on the events in the hop market at the end of each respective crop year. Today the Barth Report is available in 5 languages and the print edition can be ordered online



The National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) is the UK’s premier collection of yeast cultures, holding over 3200 strains collected over 50 years.