IBD Africa Training 2013

The following courses have been arranged for 2013 (see below)

Training dates and courses for the 2014 IBD examinations will be published in December 2013. If you have an urgent need, please contact the IBD Africa Training and Development Representative

14 Jan - 18 Jan, 2013
Diploma in Brewing II
28 Jan - 8 Feb, 2013
Diploma in Brewing III
4 Feb - 18 Feb, 2013
Diploma in Brewing I
11 Feb - 15 Feb, 2013
Diploma in Brewing II
18 Feb - 1 Mar, 2013
Diploma in Brewing III
25 Feb - 1 Mar, 2013
Diploma in Brewing I
4 Mar - 8 Mar, 2013
Diploma in Brewing II
11 Mar - 15 Mar, 2013
Diploma in Brewing I
11 Mar - 15 Mar, 2013
Diploma in Brewing I
Accra, Ghana
18 Mar - 22 Mar, 2013
Diploma in Brewing II
18 Mar - 22 Mar, 2013
Diploma in Brewing I

This year we are delighted to announce that this training has kindly been sponsored both by the IBD Africa Section and the following companies:

If you would like to attend or need further information please contact Ian Jones at


IBD Distance Learning Program

I am pleased to announce we are now in a position to accept applications for the new Distance Learning Programme.For further information please contact Andrea Williams, Training Administration Manager on or +44 (0) 20 7499 8144.


Details of all training programs can be seen on the IBD UK website

Online Support for IBD Examination

Are you tired of working towards the IBD examinations all on your own? The long hours of revision and reading, not always being quite sure if you are actually working in the right direction? Well now all this can change!


The main problems faced by most IBD candidates are understanding what the examiners actually require from the questions asked

  • How they (the examiners) would like it laid out, and
  • How to manage your time to answer all the questions required of you.

Poor examination technique usually results in the candidate losing many marks!

Global Beverage Solutions, in conjunction with the IBD Africa Section, is delighted to offer online examination support for ALL the IBD qualifications. So whether you are just starting out at the General Certificate in Brewing and the General Certificate in Packaging or are busy with the Diploma in Brewing or are attempting the challenging Master Brewer Qualification examinations, we have them all covered and we can support you through your preparations.

So what does a successful IBD candidate require?

  • Technical knowledge.
  • A deep understanding of the types of questions asked in the exams.
  • Great examination technique.

The Global Beverage Solutions online examination support offers all this!


So if you need this support contact us or go to our website and register immediately.

What will you get by registering?

By registering at, Diploma and Master Brewer candidates are offered five months of the following online support right up until the exams in June:

  • Tutorials on frequently asked questions covering the whole syllabus with individual feedback on not only technical content but also how the question was answered (including the mark you would probably receive!)
  • A mock examination
  • Deep analysis of the syllabusA discussion forum where questions from candidates can be posted and answered
  • Hints and tips on examination technique

For General Certificate candidates, the online support starts four months before the examinations in May and November and you get the following support:

  • Multiple choice tutorials covering the entire syllabi of the GCB and GCP, where the candidates can repeatedly try exam type questions and get instant feedback on how they have done
  • An instantaneous explanation regarding the answer
  • A mock examination, and like the tutorials a candidates can repeatedly try exam type questions and get instant feedback on how they have done
  • A discussion forum where questions from candidates can be posted and answered

By following these programmes, candidates will enter the examinations in June with far more confidence of success.

Who runs the online support?

This online support is run by the Global Beverage Solutions team; Ian, Clive and Phil, who have a wealth of experience in brewing, packaging and engineering in the beverage industry and who are also experienced human resource practitioners.


Global Beverage Solutions is an accredited IBD Trainer and has provided quality service to the IBD in Africa, Asia and Pacific, United Kingdom and International Sections and who can boast a very proud record of successful candidates.

How do I apply?

Applications can be done online at by simply clicking on the menu option titled Register for Online Training and follow the instructions.


On successful registration the candidates will receive their user name and password and get immediate access.

How much will it cost?

Please refer to for correct pricing

Need more information?

Simply go to the website at or alternatively contact Ian Jones from Global Beverage Solutions in one of the following ways:

tel: +27 82 780 7583
fax: +27 88 011 702 1179
cell: +27 82 780 7583
skype: ianjrjones


GBS Online Training has a proven record of ensuring success for candidates, so register NOW for quality online support!