Going forward, all delegates who register for any of the examinations, will be put on a self-directed learning process upon registration for an examination. This will comprise of the learning material for the course, a reading list of additional material which should be covered, and a series of multiple choice questions, to test for understanding. This is only available for the General Certificate in Brewing and Diploma in Brewing I modules at present, however each and every module will be adapted over the next few years.


The IBD will also be providing a tutor system, however this will be an additional cost to the examination costs.


For the latest information on training which  the IBD UK provides, please click here. (


The IBD Africa Section will host various boot camps throughout key centres in Africa, in the weeks prior to the Diploma examinations. These dates will be communicated to registered examination delegates closer to the examinations and will be for IBD members only.


The IBD Africa Section have key partners, who conduct training for the various major companies in Africa and for more information, please contact the Secretary of the IBD Africa Section.