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If you have any queries, please contact  the Exams Department on exams@ibd.org.uk. This web page is NOT the definitive source for the regulations. Candidates are advised to download & print the current regulations. You can read or  download the regulations in PDF format by clicking here.

The Examinations department at Clarges Street has been re organised. It is considered that the re-allocation of responsibilities will improve customer service to candidates.


The department has been split between administration and delivery.




Jessica Clark ( Membership Services Manager (Registrar)) will manage all the administrative processes associated with individual candidates. This will include;


  • Application receipt
  • Application registration and acknowledgement
  • Result information to candidates
  • Certificates and awards
  • Liaison with Sections re certificates and awards




Andrea Williams (Examinations and Training Manager) will manage all the physical activity. This will include;

  • BoE meetings and minutes
  • Examination centres
  • Preparation of examinations
  • Examination centres
  • Script collection ,marking and results analysis

Jessica and Andrea will be supported by an enlarged and multi skilled administration team.

General Certificate in Brewing & General Certificate in Packaging

The General Certificate in Brewing and Packaging examination has been replaced by two new examinations:


The General Certificate in Brewing (GCB)
Composed of one general paper and one paper chosen from:

  • Brewing for Cask Beer
  • Brewing for Chilled and Filtered Beer


The General Certificate in Beer Packaging (GCP)
Composed of one general paper and one paper chosen from:

  • Can
  • Keg
  • Non-returnable Bottles
  • Returnable Bottles
General Certificate in Distilling (GCD) and General Certificate in Distilling International (GCDi)

The GCD qualification gives international recognition of a basic, under-pinning knowledge and understanding in the principles of the production of (Scotch) malt and grain whiskies. The GCDi qualification aims to be applicable to candidates worldwide providing a broader syllabus. The GCD / GCDi and accompanying modules are designed for candidates who may have little or no formal academic, or technical qualifications. Typically, a candidate will be employed as a multi-skilled operator or team leader in a distillery or co-products plant, however the scope of the GCD / GCDi examination will enable candidates from smaller distilling companies to obtain this internationally-recognised qualification.


This year the GCD will run in May 2007 and for the last time in November 2007, alongside the GCDi. It is intended that the GCDi will take over from the GCD for the May 2008 examination and that the format of the examination will move to multiple choice.


The syllabus is intended to give an understanding of why the production processes are operated as they are, an appreciation of upstream factors which can affect these processes, and the downstream impacts. The major part of the course work will therefore cover distilling production theory and practice, and will cover an appreciation of other aspects of the industry.


Candidates for the GCD / GCDi in 2007, will be examined against the syllabus in two written examination papers, each of two hours and comprising of questions necessitating short answers.


The GCD / GCDi qualifications are accredited by City & Guilds and equate to the Level 2 of the NVQ / SVQ examinations within the United Kingdom.
Please note that the IBD will now be charging an additional “late fee” for applications not received by the deadline. Any GCD / GCDi November 2007 applications received after 3rd August 2007 will be charged a £25 late fee in addition to the exam fee. Applications that are received within one calendar month of the examination, will only be processed at the discretion of the Examinations Administrator and will be liable to a £35 late fee.

Diploma in Brewing/Distilling Examination

(formerly known as the AME Examination)




The objective of the Diploma is to give international recognition of comprehensive knowledge and understanding in the principle of brewing science and technology. It is an important qualification in it’s own right, as well as representing the necessary thorough grounding for an application to the Master Brewer Exam (formerly DMB Exam).


The exams are arranged in three modules, covering:


1. The Science of Materials & Wort.
2. The Science of Yeast & Beer.
3. Packaging & Process Technology.


Modularisation of the syllabus is designed to allow for a wide range of candidate’s specific backgrounds, whereas those with appropriate science degrees might choose to take all three exams within a year of commencing study, the syllabus is equally applicable to those with appropriate work experience, who have the opportunity to tackle the work load over a period of time.


In order to sit the Diploma, candidates must be fully paid Members of The Institute of Brewing & Distilling. The three modules may be sat in any order and in any combination. There are currently no time limits with regards to completing all three Modules.

Diploma in Beverage Packaging (Beer)

The IBD is pleased to announce the launch of a new Diploma in Beverage Packaging (Beer). It will provide global recognition for professionals who are specialists in this vital part of the production process. This will be at an equivalent qualification level to the existing Diplomas in Brewing and Distilling.   click here to download the flyer for more information.

Master Brewer Examination

(formerly known as the DMB Examination)


The Master Brewer programme forms part of your continuous professional development. The programme of recommended experience and acquisition of competence in the technical management of the beer process is precisely detailed in the Examination Syllabus.


Progressive acquisition of the competencies described on each page builds up to a permanent personal record of achievement, yielding certified qualifications in their own right, through success in each module exam. There are five modules covering:


1.     The Science of Materials & Wort
2.     Fermentation & Beer Processing
3.     Packaging & Beer Dispense
4.     Central Functions
5.     Case Study


The Diploma is a pre-requisite for sitting the Master Brewer Examination.  Applicants must have therefore passed the Diploma or gained Exemption from the Diploma (see the Exam Regulations) and be members of The Institute of Brewing & Distilling before being able to take the Examination.


It is recommended that you acquire a mentor for each element of the programme. Combined with the need for specialist tuition and training in many elements, the programme can be the ideal channel for technical training and development in the brewing industry.