GEA Award

Sponsors: GEA Huppmann, Tuchenhagen Brewery Systems, Tuchenhagen South Africa

Award prize
  • Return economy flight to Brau Exhibition Nuremberg, Germany alternatively Drinktec Munich which falls within the 5 year period.
  • Accommodation including breakfast during exhibition and at Kitzingen during visit to Huppmann.
  • Pocket money 500 euros
  • Use GEA Stand as a base during exhibition
  • Before exhibition visit Huppmann which is a company of the GEA Group in Kitzingen in Germany
  • This award will run for five consecutive years starting in 2007.

IBD Africa Section Younger Members employed in industry, academia, manufacturing and the brewing industry.


Employees of the GEA Groups of companies are excluded from entering this award.

  • Professional Graham Stewart on behalf of the IBD, London
  • Representative from Weihnstefan University, Germany
  • GEA Tuchenhagen Brewery Systems
Scope of the project

Research or applied projects related to Process Technology in the storage of materials, production of wort, fermentation, maturation, filtration and storage of final product for packaging. Projects may include aspects related to utilities, process control, hygiene and environmental factors.


Packaging and Spirits Distillation processes are excluded from the scope.

Structure of project for submission of award

Personal data of author of project

  • Name and age
  • Physical address and email address
  • Name and address of company or institution
  • Name and address of author’s manager or supervisor
  • Brief description of current position
  • Qualifications
  • IBD Membership number

Project title and details (maximum 3000 words)

  • Summary of purpose – expected outcomes to be achieved (200 words)
  • Key benefits obtained
  • Experimental or practical aspects of the project that include basis for project, calculations, conclusions, diagrams, graphs and pictures where applicable
  • Literature references

Format of the presentation

  • Word document. Arial type size 11
  • Maximum size of document; 2.5MB for ease of communication. If large advise Award Coordinator below.
  • Pictures may be formatted in PDF to reduce size


Project submissions to be sent direct to GEA Award Co-ordinator only, by no later than 18th June 2008


GEA award Co-ordinator: Eddie Wepener, email: